Dr. James lives a life of Purpose, Potential, & Possibilities.

“What we think and that which we meditate on becomes who we are.”

– Dr. Katherine E. James

Transformational Coach * Speaker * Author * Pastor * Licensed Therapist * Community Leader * Professor * Consultant

Dr. Katherine E. James lives from a space of gratefulness for the gift of each breath (“BE’ing in the present moment), while embracing the limitless possibilities inherent with the knowledge that we are remarkable gifts to God’s universe.  She invites us to walk out our potential this truth “At the moment Abba gave us His breath, we forfeited the right to not BE Amazing”.

Dr. Katherine’s message of Self-Love empowers towards wholehearted belief in limitless potential and possibilities.  Self-Love is a transformational journey of “BE”ing and “BE”coming our next better versions.  She believes “We MUST see what we can BE”.

The Self-Love Approach centers on Thinking, Feeling and Relationships as the focal points of “BE”ing and “BE”coming towards purpose fulfillment.

Your being here now, is purposeful!  Take the next step and have the transformational conversation.  Click here to answer the call of “BE”coming.